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Befitting Funeral Services



We provide a wide range of funeral products and services at Befitting Funeral Service


Featured Services

 GRAVE CONSTRUCTION/TOMBS  We have a wide range of tombs stones, headstones, monuments, and memorials plagues; we offer the highest quality for an affordable price.


Grave Construction/Tombstone



We offer a range of commemorative items, including tombstones, plaques of honor, headstones, monuments, and dedication stones, to suit a variety of budgets. Our aim is to provide exceptional service at a fraction of the cost charged by larger providers in our region. Our monuments are comparable in quality to those offered elsewhere, allowing us to provide affordable options without sacrificing excellence.

Hearse Rentals We operate a fleet of attractive hearse for rental to all part of Ghana.


Hearse Rentals



Our funeral services company operates a fleet of exquisitely designed hearses that are available for rent to transport your loved one to any location in Ghana.

Befitting Funeral Services, Accra Ghana


Church Trolley Rentals



Our Funeral Home offers top-of-the-line Church Trolleys that are sturdy, reliable, and built from high-quality materials. These trolleys are essential in the day-to-day operations of our business, as they are used to display coffins and caskets in churches, homes, or during funeral services.

 Caskets/Coffins Our exclusive first-class funeral caskets are imported and locally made with copper, steel and solid wood caskets.


Casket Sales



We provide a range of premium funeral caskets made from high-quality materials such as bronze, copper, steel, and a variety of solid and veneered woods. Our caskets are equipped with hermetic lids, adjustable beds with foam mattresses, memory tubes, and sturdy carrying handles, ensuring a dignified final resting place for your loved one.



Lowering Device


Our funeral services company offers a variety of lowering devices designed to gently and respectfully lower a coffin into the grave. These devices ensure a smooth and dignified final goodbye for your loved one.

Befitting Funeral Services, Accra Ghana



  • Undertaker

  • Pallbearers
  • Wreaths
  • Memorial souvenirs
  • Canopy and chair rentals
  • Decorations
  • Catering Services
  • Master of Ceremony
  • Grave Reconstruction/Tombs
  • Lowering Device
  • Graphic Design 
  • Photo & Videos Coverage
  • Etc...
Befitting Funeral Services, Accra Ghana


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